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Spot to Spell

Palette:    green-32 orange-32   
G’s age:    


Since we live in the city, we always find ourselves walking, either by choice or necessity. My 7 year-old and I frequently play games while we walk, and one of these games is Spot and Spell, a simple but fun cooperative game.

First, we think of a word we want to spell. We always take into account how long our walk is. We spell short words for short walks, and longer words (and multiple words) for longer walks.

Next, we start looking for objects along the way whose first letters spell our word. For example, if we were spelling the word HEAD, we’d look for objects that start with H, E, A and D.

We are not allowed to use the same objects–ever–which makes the game harder the more we play it. We’ve gotten pretty creative by using adjectives and verbs (e.g. hug and we hug!).

Our goal is to spell our word(s) before we reach our destination.

We always win.

Spot to Spell: A Kid's Spelling Activity