The Carbuncle of South America: Monsters of the World

A few weeks ago, we purchased a globe for G. He immediately liked it (it’s shaped like a ball and spins, what’s not to like?) After identifying the continents, oceans, and looking for some countries he is already familiar with (e.g. the US, the Philippines), we needed other interesting ways to learn about the world. In short, a fun introduction to Geography for a five-year old. Since my child loves monsters and stories, we are learning about mythological creatures from around the world.

We are starting with the Carbuncle of South America.The carbuncle has a jewel on its forehead that emits a bright light that can cause blindness. If you meet one, do not attempt to steal its jewel. Don’t even desire wealth at all, lest you lose your sight!

Palette:    black  white-32  yellow-32