Summer 2015 Quests

Summer 2015 is almost over (sigh), but we still have a few more tricks up our sleeve. This summer, we set out on a quest to experience (or in a few worthy cases, re-experience) 35 new adventures. I created quest book to document our progress. With just a few more warm days left ahead, we have six more things to accomplish. I am confident we can make it!

For our quests, we chose seven different categories, with five items under each:


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I Saw

For new sights, we chose to check out: 1) A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, 2) The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh, 3) the Chicago Picasso, 4) A Shakespeare play, and 5) the Bahá’í House of Worship of North America.

I Listened To

For new sounds, we chose to listen to: 1) a live rock band performance, 2) a book reading by its author, 3) a nonfiction audiobook, 4) a live opera performance, and 5) The Beatles.

He loved The Beatles so much that he wanted to listen to more music from the era. Now he’s discovered–and loves–Queen and Billy Joel.

I Tasted

For new flavors, we tried 1) a Chicago-style hotdog, 2) A slice of vegetarian pizza, 3) a strange jellybean flavor, 4) a new foreign food, and 5) a new fruit or vegetable.

He swore never to eat a Chicago-style hotdog again. I think he liked it less than the skunk spray flavored jellybean!

I Went To

For new places, we chose: 1) hiking at Starved Rock, 2) the new Amphibians exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium, 3) the new Maggie Daley park, 4) the Anderson Japanese Gardens, and 5) the SciTech Hands-on Museum.

I Met

For new faces and personalities, we chose: 1) an artist, 2) a fireman, 3) a children’s book writer, 4) a composer, and 5) a nice dog.

We went all out for the children’s book writer, and stood in line for over an hour to meet GLEE’s Chris Colfer, author of the LAND OF STORIES series!

I Made

For new things to tinker with, we chose to make: 1) a constellation flashlight, 2) a LEGO Mindstorm robot, 3) a foam glider plane, 4) something using paper mache, and 5) a scribble bot.

I Learned

For new insights into our world, we learned: 1) how we see color, 2) to sew, 3) about the human body systems, 4) about Christopher Columbus, and 5) about King Tut.

We took photos as proof of the completion of each quest, and pasted the photos on the book. Here are some of those photos: