Ra: Egyptian Sun God

On August 21, 2017, Chicago will be the closest it has been to a total solar eclipse in 92 years! Naturally, we are pretty excited about the event, and plan to celebrate by viewing it with fellow Chicagoans.

We are spending all of next week doing sun-themed activities. Mythology, one of my 8yo’s favorite topics, is on the agenda. In preparation, I’ve drawn him a the sun god of Egypt, Ra.

Ra is a major ancient Egypt deity, and as sun god, he was believed to have created everything, and ruled the sky, the earth, and the underworld. He is often depicted as a human having the head of a falcon crowned with a sun disk. He has also been depicted with the head of a beetle, a bull, a cat, a hawk, a heron, a lion, a ram, a serpent, and a phoenix.

Images of the sun and space courtesy of NASA.gov.

Palette:    black  white-32  yellow-32