Not the Tickle Monster!

Not the Tickle Monster! is our variation of an indoor treasure hunt. One person hides the clues, while the other follows them. In this game, clues reveal where the next clues are hidden, and at some point during the game—anywhere from the beginning to the last spot before the final hiding place—two clues are revealed at the same time. The treasure hunter is forced to follow only one. One of the clues lead to the treasure (yes!), while the other to  the tickle monster!

How To Play:


Cut out some clue cards, and write your clues based on the reading level of your child. For example, BED and CAT (if you have one sleeping nearby) are fairly easy to decode, while MICROWAVE may prove tricky.


  1. Agree on a starting point. This is where the first clue can be found.
  2. Decide who gets to play treasure hunter first. This player closes his/her eyes until the other player is done hiding the clues. The clues should be in the correct order. For example: if the first clue at the starting point says “under the couch”, there should be a clue under the couch that reveals where the next clue is hidden.
  3. At some point (as early as the beginning of the game), two clues are left at one spot. One clue continues off and eventually leads to the treasure, while the other leads to the tickle monster.
  4. If the treasure is found, celebrate with hurrahs! If the tickle monster is found, well… tickling must commence!
  5. Players switch roles for the next round.

In Action:

Palette:     brown-32  red-32