Inspired by Vampires

Halloween, one of our favorite holidays, is near, so it felt timely to use vampires to explore various topics. Our vampire adventure went so well that we’re keeping this in our back pocket as a theme to reuse in the future. During vampire week, we learned:


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1… About Optical Illusions and Persistence of Vision By Making Vampire Thaumatropes

A thaumatrope is a fun toy that is easy to make. By twirling its strings,  the different pictures drawn on each side of the board  appear to be one.

Palette:    red-32  purple-32  yellow-32  white-32  pink-32

2… About Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Other Stuff that’s in our Blood

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s exhibit “YOU! The Experience” includes an interactive display of What’s In Our Blood. A vampire-themed week seemed like the perfect time to spend extra time on this exhibit.

Palette:    purple-32  white-32  orange-32

3… How to Achieve the Color and Consistency of Blood with Simple Ingredients and 4… How to Perform Liquid Measurements has several  recipes for making fake blood. The results are both fun and creepy.

Palette:    brown-32  purple-32  red-32  yellow-32  white-32



5… About the Vampires of the World

We have been creating and collecting monster trading cards to learn a bit about other countries. We added to our existing collection by including vampires from Chile, Caribbean, China and Romania. We also found this wonderful TED Ed talk, Vampires: Folklore, fantasy and fact – Michael Molina that provides an animated vampire history.

Palette:    purple-32  green-32  blue-32  yellow-32  white-32

6… The Story of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

What’s a theme of vampires without learning about Dracula? Stepping Stones’ Illustrated Adaptation was a quick and engaging read for my 6-year old.

Palette:    green-32  blue-32  yellow-32  white-32

7… How to Draw Vampires and Bats

We draw almost everyday. Naturally, for vampire week, it was all about vampires and bats. There are wonderful guidelines for both in How to Draw 101 Monsters: Easy Step-by-step Drawing (How to draw).

Palette:    red-32  yellow-32  white-32  pink-32


red-32 purple-32 brown-32 green-32 blue-32 yellow-32 white-32 pink-32 orange-32