Charles Dickens: 3 Interesting Facts

We love reading classic books adapted for children, and Oliver Twist was one of the first ones we read. Since today is Charles Dickens’ birthday, it’s the perfect excuse for another fun facts, illustrated.

1. He had a beloved pet raven named Grip. He loved Grip so much that when the latter died, Dickens had him professionally stuffed (aka taxidermy) and mounted. Grip appeared not only in Dickens’ own work, but in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

2. He believed in ghosts and spirits and practiced hypnotism on his wife and kids.

3. He had a secret door in his study disguised as a bookshelf. The door had fake titles like “The Life of a Cat” in 9 volumes, and “Noah’s Arkitecture.”

Bonus: Not illustrated below is a theme park in England called Dickens World!


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