Charles Darwin: 3 Interesting Facts

It’s Charles Darwin day (his birthday), and since we appreciate this great man’s work, I did a quick interesting facts, illustrated.

1. I’m starting this short list with a quote from the man who contributed greatly to the theory that explains life over millions and millions of years. “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”  (The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin)

2. Not only did he study animals from all over the world, he also ate them! Some of the animals he tried include armadillo, ostrich and several other birds we do not normally see on our dinner plates.

3. He appears on the back of England’s ten pound note.

Bonus: There are copies of Darwin’s original handwritten manuscript of his most valuable book, On The Origin of Species, saved as part of the American Museum of Natural History’s Darwin Manuscripts Project (DMP). On the back of some of these pages are doodles made by his children!

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