Albert Einstein: 3 Interesting Facts

If you’re a child, and you come across a giant lego reproduction of a wild-haired man sticking his tongue out, you’ll very likely ask: “Who’s that?”

Albert Einstein Legoland

Now I, the adult, will answer, Albert Einstein. He’s a genius and a scientist, among other things, and I’ll stop because… well, it’s difficult to explain Einstein’s contributions to someone who still has all his milk teeth intact. But I’ll want you to know a little more about Albert Einstein, so that maybe someday, when you’re ready to sink your permanent teeth into the Theory of Relativity, you’ll also remember that the genius behind the theory hated socks. And maybe you’ll smile, and appreciate the man, not just as an item on a book, but as a regular guy. A very smart, regular guy.

So here are three interesting facts that your kids might enjoy knowing about Albert Einstein. The first is silly, the second one’s creepy, and the third’s a reminder of how great things can begin with simple curiosity.

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