100+ Stickers

Stickers, even the simplest ones, are fun. There’s something incredibly satisfying about peeling them off, and then sticking back on to another surface. So we use them every chance we get, not as a reward as they are most often used in teaching situations, but as fun tools. What exactly does 37 look like? Or 101? Or 200? This activity is a  simple way to help our little ones make sense of numbers and the symbols associated with them.

You will need

How To Play:

  1. Print out the 100+ Sticker cards printable.
  2. Instruct your child to put one sticker on each number, guiding him/ her on the proper sequence. If he/she is unfamiliar with the symbols, read the symbols out loud to help them associate the symbol with its name.
  3. Occasionally stop and “see” how a number looks. What do 52 dots look like?
  4. Play as long as your child is interested.

There are variations you can do with this activity. For example, do comparisons of more/ less (one card has 20, another 30), estimate (instruct your little one to grab the number of stickers they think they’ll need to fill a sticker card to 25), create patterns (change sticker color every 5 counts and learn how counting by 5’s), etc.

Note: The printable goes to 200, but I’ve included blank circles on the last page. Print as many of these blank ones as you need, and simply write the extra numbers you need on them.