Our Story

We thought we would leave the school institution temporarily, but that didn’t happen. Our little one thrived on the new learning environment. He geeked out and could spend up to an hour—sometimes more—on topics and activities that interested him. An hour! In four-year old time that must equate to 6-12 focused adult hours!

We decided to keep going and see where this would take us. A few years later, our family–and consequently, our class–grew. I accepted that this meant putting my own career on hold. After all, I need to focus all my energy on my most challenging, most rewarding and most important design work to date: creating a truly child-centered, interest-based learning experience for my sons. But then one day, it occurred to me that I’m  doing everything that inspired me to pursue a Design career in the first place: storytelling, making ‘stuff’, and nurturing children’s creativity. So I set up this site, Copalette, in an attempt to synthesize and share the ideas crowding my head. At the very least, it provides a venue for me to keep practising and communicating my trade. And maybe, hopefully, other parents and caregivers will find it useful, too, and join me as I strive to BE CURIOUS and see the hyper-interesting world that my sons see, BE SILLY and laugh with them hard and often, and BE THERE to inspire and support.