Our Activities

Our activities fall into these basic types: play, projects, adventures, questions, experiments, and tools. Click on the icons to view our activities, games and projects under each activity type.


We play.


Play is a huge part of our life. Our play includes games (e.g. board games, card games, sports, even the occasional video games), fantasy play (e.g. role play, action figures), construction play (e.g. Legos, robots, snap circuits, K’nex), independent/ solitary play, free play (anything goes!), large (e.g. playground, gym) and small motor (e.g. beads), art play, etc. I guess you can call most of what we do ‘play’ simply because we are usually having fun!


We take on projects.


Projects start with a goal and usually ends with a tangible object. In these activities, we build with paper, straws, toothpicks, marshmallows, balsa wood, and various other materials. These activities are designed to satisfy our inner makers.


We go on adventures.


The world is big, and it needs to be explored! For now, “the world” is mostly Chicago, with occasional road trips and flights to other states. But we can always hope that the world truly becomes part of our classroom!


We question and seek answers.


Like many (maybe all) kids, G is constantly asking questions. Some are easy enough to answer (How are mummies made?) while some are a bit trickier (Why is life life?) In these activities, I attempt to answer his questions in the most interesting way I can.


We experiment.


This is closely tied to questioning. Sometimes the best way to answer a question is to come to the conclusion yourself.


We make and utilize tools.


Although there are various learning tools available for purchase, these tools are either too expensive, or are just not quite right for what we need. Since I love designing and making stuff, I use this opportunity to make our own learning tools, which end up being highly customized to fit our needs.